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Corporate Policies

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Our dedication to reinventing the adhesives and sealants industry is reflected in our corporate policies, which act as fundamental values for all our stakeholders and regulate every aspect of our operations.

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Our Employee Policy

At Accumetric, the needs and perspectives of our employees take centre stage. By utilizing their individual skillsets and innovative problem-solving, we are able to effectively compete and flourish in a competitive international market. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our distinct ``employee-centric`` culture that has been established and nurtured over time

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Our Production Policy

We are highly committed to delivering a standard of professionalism and expertise in every project we undertake. This, combined with our dedicated customer support and a strong team-oriented culture, sets us apart and enables us to maintain a culture of excellence throughout all aspects of our operations.

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Boss Products | High Quality Sealants & Adhesives

In the highly competitive markets we operate in, the requirement for a versatile product offering drives our teams to continuously innovate and provide exceptional customer support. This also enables us to formulate products that are of superior quality, cost-effective, and suitable for a wide range of applications and markets.

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Our Safety Policy

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to our employees, our suppliers, and our customers. From our products to workplace policies that are in line with both international & local laws for Work-Place Safety, Accident Prevention, & Health Protection, our approach to safety is a core pillar of our corporate culture.

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Leading Suppliers & Distributors of Sealants & Adhesives

We pride ourselves on our robust Supply Chain, our exacting quality standards, and the synergy that exists between the brand and our network of dealers and distributors. Our policies, systems and procedures are continuously evaluated and held against the highest possible standards of efficiency & effectiveness.

Accumetric Silicones Pvt Ltd | Our Sustainability Approach

We understand the responsibilities that come with operating on a global scale and strive to have a positive impact in all the markets we operate in. At every level of what we do, our focus areas remain fixed on responsible business operations, serving the people, the communities, and the environment we all inhabit together.