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Solutions Solutions


Our product range spans multiple categories and caters to the needs of various industries. From industrial applications to automobile manufacturing and building construction, our products are well respected in every market we operate in.


Our products are used across a wide spectrum of industrial manufacturing applications. They are designed to help our customers boost system and component performance with customized materials tailored to their product's unique design and production requirements.

A few of the markets we serve are:

  • Industrial Assembly and Maintenance
  • Automotive Bus-Body Fabrication
  • H.V.A.C & Cleanroom Production
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Home Appliance Manufacturing
  • Railway Fabrication & Maintenance

Our products are trusted by the best Professionals, Architects, and Specifiers in the industry. We strive to innovate by delivering next-generation products that offer superior performance while exceeding International & Local Building Codes and Environmental Standards.

 A few of the markets we serve are:

  • Corporate Centres
  • Government & Residential Buildings
  • Hotels & Malls
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Outlets
  • Sports Venues

This segment of our products is primarily intended for smaller dealers and consumers interested in DIY repairs around their homes and offices. The products are ready-to-use and very easy to handle, giving users with limited knowledge of sealants, adhesives, and PU foams, the opportunity to complete DIY projects and home maintenance activities with a professional touch/finish.

A few of the applications we cater to are:

  • Filling of gaps and cracks in walls and roof openings
  • Sealing around door frames and window frames
  • Sealing around tiles
  • Bonding wooden racks and plywood subfloors
  • Bonding mirrors and fixtures without nails
  • General sealing of construction joints and renovation joints