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BOSS® 352 paintable sealant forms a tough, flexible, resilient bond to all building material surfaces. It has excellent resistance to water, weathering, and moisture vapour. It also cures to produce a flexible seal that is non-yellowing and mildew resistant. It is a paintable sealant that is designed for both interior and exterior use.


  • Effective solution for waterproofing of joints.
  • High durability.
  • Paintable post-application.
  • Permanently flexible post-curing.
  • Slump resistant.


  • Fills cracks and holes before painting.
  • Sealing around plasterboard.
  • Sealing around window and door frames.
  • Sealing between light partition walls.
  • Sealing cracks in brickwork and concrete.
  • Sealing low movement joints.


This product is available in white.


Available in standard 290 gms and 450 gms caulking cartridges.

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