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BOSS No More Cracks

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BOSS No More Cracks

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BOSS® No More Cracks is a high-quality, flexible, plasto-elastic single-component joint & filling sealant, based on acrylic dispersions. It provides tough, flexible, weather, and moisture vapour-resistant filling on both interior and exterior surfaces. It also provides a resilient bond to all building material surfaces like gypsum boards, cementitious materials, spray-plaster, wood, galvanized, and primed anti-rust steel surfaces.


  • Effective waterproof of joints.
  • Fills gaps up to 5 mm in width.
  • Paintable post-application.
  • Permanently flexible post-curing.
  • Slump resistant.


  • Filling cracks and holes before painting.
  • Sealing around baseboards.
  • Sealing between light partition walls.
  • Sealing cracks in brickwork and concrete.


This product is available in white


Available in standard 500 gms and 1 kg plastic pails.

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