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BOSS 7247 PA

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BOSS 7247 PA

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BOSS® 7247 PA is a one-component, solvent-free, ready-to-use, construction adhesive based on polyurethane. It has excellent adhesion, a fast build-up of strength, and fast curing when moistened.


  • Flexible adhesive.
  • Foams up slightly and fills up cavities.
  • Good temperature resistance.
  • Moisture and weather resistant.
  • Very high final strength.


  • Bonding of different foam types like polyether, polyurethane, and polystyrene.
  • Bonding of paper, metal foils, felt, textile, cork, wood, chipboard, concrete, masonry, brick, and metal.
  • Bonding of rigid plastic panels.
  • Bonding of soft and hard polystyrene.
  • General bonding applications.


This product is available in brown.


Available in a 27 kg pack.

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