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BOSS Neutral+

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BOSS Neutral+

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BOSS® Neutral+ non-corrosive, neutral cure, silicone sealant is a one-part, low-odour, professional-grade sealant that offers excellent adhesion, weather-resistance, and compatibility with a wide variety of substrates. It can be used to meet a variety of sealing and bonding needs.


  • Low-odour.
  • Non-corrosive, neutral cure.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • VOC Compliant.
  • Waterproof/weatherproof.


  • Bonding appliance parts.
  • Other bondable surfaces include UPVC, wood, ceramics, painted surfaces, and most plastics.
  • Sealing and bonding with glass, glazed surfaces, galvanized steel, and anodized aluminium.
  • Sealing electrical equipment.


This product is available in clear, white, and black.


Available in standard 270 ml caulking cartridges.

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