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BOSS® 122 RTV silicone sealant is a one-part acetoxy cure sealant, designed for general construction sealing applications. Suitable for use on clean metal, glass, different types of wood, silicone resins, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramic and plastic surfaces.


  • Ease of use, one-part sealant, no mixing required.
  • Good weather resistance – virtually unaffected by sunlight, rain, ozone, and temperature extremes.
  • Long-life reliability, cured sealant stays rubbery without tearing, cracking, drying out, or becoming brittle.
  • Wide temperature gunnability – can be applied in any season.


  • Ideally suited for sealing, glass windows, shopfront, aluminium joints, showcases, bus-body building, and automobile manufacturing.


This product is available in clear, white, and black.


Available in standard 260 ml & 280 ml caulking cartridges.

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