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BOSS® 888 Neutral RTV silicone gasket maker is a paste-like, one-component material, which cures to form a tough, rubbery solid upon exposure to moisture in the air. Formulated for gasket making applications, it is sensor-safe and, manufactured to meet OEM specifications. It also makes an instant, leak-proof gasket for all engines, drive train equipment, and related components, and is resistant to oil, water, antifreeze, and transmission fluid, along with providing exceptional leak control and torque retention.


  • Low volatility.
  • Makes a gasket of any shape and size instantly.
  • Makes instant leak-proof gaskets.
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe.
  • Remains flexible.
  • Resists oil, water, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid.


  • Oil pans.
  • Oil pump flanges.
  • Rear-end housings.
  • Thermostat housings.
  • Timing chain covers.
  • Transmission pans.


This product is available in clear, white, and black.


Available in 15 gm, 25 gm, 100 gm tube packs, and 200 kg drums.

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