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BOSS Nail Free

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BOSS Nail Free

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BOSS® Nail-Free is a synthetic rubber adhesive specially formulated for construction applications. With excellent adhesion capabilities, the product is ideally suited to most building materials including concrete, galvanized metals, aluminium, and many different kinds of wood.


  • Adheres to oily metals and damp surfaces such as wood, metal, or concrete.
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials.
  • Long-term reliability.
  • Paintable.


  • Bonding counter-sunk handles to a wooden door.
  • Bonding in renovations and assembly techniques.
  • Bonding metal, wood, concrete, mirrors.
  • Bonding plywood sub-flooring to wood floor joints.
  • Numerous light-duty, interior finishing applications.


This product is available in beige.


Available in standard 300 ml Foil Cartridges.

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