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BOSS® PU 25 is a one-component moisture-curing, polyurethane sealant. It cures into a flexible, durable, and weather-resistant elastomeric sealant that has very good adhesion to most construction and industrial materials. It can accommodate cyclic joint movement of 50% (+/-25%) of the joint width.


  • Can be painted with all water-based paints and other systems.
  • Excellent primer-less adhesion on many materials.
  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals.
  • Good weather and UV resistance.
  • High viscosity with permanent elasticity after curing.
  • Ideally suited for application in warm and humid climates.


  • Can be used as a seam sealer for traditional welding or spot welding.
  • Bonding of panels, ACP, roofing sheets, and so on.
  • Supple bonding and sealing in the automotive industry, especially on surfaces that vibrate – bus-bodies, caravans, and containers.


This product is available in white, grey, and black.


Available in standard 600 ml sausages.

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